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Your satisfaction, our aim

At Precon your satisfaction is our aim. Therefore, we design processes ensuring the product and services offered meet your needs and expectations. Our management system is dynamic. We work everyday searching a continuous improvement, learning from experience and moving at the speed of change.

 In line with our vision, mission and corporate values, our commitment with quality is undisputable:

  • Customer-based approach: We listen to our clients, to supply products and services which are adapted to their needs.
  • Leadership: From the Management, we promote a quality culture at all organizational levels, with the purpose of achieving all our aims.
  • Committed people: A highly qualified and committed team of professionals.
  • Processes-based approach: Alignment of processes to achieve the results foreseen.
  • Constant improvement: To promote a continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Decision making based on evidence: Processes’ follow up and measurement to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Relationships management: Permanent contact with clients and suppliers to jointly collaborate in the improvement of products and services supplied.

Our commitment 

Since 1995, at PRECON we have implemented in all our plants a Quality Management System, certified by ISO 9001 standard, for the design, production and assembling of concrete precast forms. Furthermore, in two of our factories, that in Alcázar de San Juan and Venta de Baños, the reach includes the production of concrete precast sleepers.

Our plants are provided with the best technology to ensure the supplied products comply with the established quality requirements. Likewise, we have designed our processes by establishing a high level of control in our productive facilities to minimize risks. These controls start in the reception of raw materials and manufacturing of concrete and they continue in productive activities through daily self-controls and inspections.