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Nueva Bureba factory - Campofrío

Irregular plant building with two semicircular façades of different diameter facing each other, with two slab floors plus roof and stands in the curved area. The maximum dimensions of the building are 52x23,50 m. Maximum height over the lowest point of 18,50 m.

It is formed by two different areas. The slab area is formed by pillars, rectangular main beans and alveolar slabs of 30 cm with compression layer of 10 cm. The auditorium area is formed by stringer beams and stands in L.

To be highlighted:

  • Circular stands, converging all the stringer beams in a sole central support.
Work Access building to the new CAMPOFRÍO plant
Location Burgos
Building -
Surface 3.700 m2
Number of floors Three floors and derrick
Execution term -
Engineering INGESER