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At the forefront of innovation since 1952

Since its foundation, PRECON has been committed to innovation and it has generated more than thirty patents and utility models, most of them individually authored. In the railway sector, it has been pioneering in Spain being the first company in manufacturing the different types of the concrete sleepers existing nowadays in the market:

  • 1958: Concrete sleepers RS type bi-block sleepers
  • 1976: Mono-block sleepers, both pre-stressed and post-stressed.
  • 1989: Sleepers for railway machines.
  • 1999: Sleepers for several simultaneous railway gauges.

At Precon we have participated in all the new designs, developments and evolution of railway products. Nowadays, all our products are validated and in operation on the railways. Based on the system of immediate demoulding, we have developed two sleeper manufacturing systems: the system of deferred and post-stressed demoulding (alone), and the bracket sheathed system (in collaboration with the company supplying installations).

Test to breakage - Sleeper with 3 simultaneous gauges
Test to breakage - Sleeper with 3 simultaneous gauges
Development of slab track for high speed (AFTRAV)
Development of slab track for high speed (AFTRAV)
Transitions for slab track (DINATRANS.  MEC-FEDER)
Transitions for slab track (DINATRANS. MEC-FEDER)

In building and civil work sectors, we have been at the forefront of the most efficient building solutions, with high endurance capacity. We have met the functional needs with more airy and slender structures, with more added value for the client, both in industrial and logistic buildings, car parks, leisure centres, shopping, sports or electric centres, as in structures for civil work such as panels for bridges, walls, vaults and others.

Always improving

Innovation is the tool allowing us to be a leading company. Aware of it, we continue working around engineering, materials, products and processes, in order to offer more competitive structural solutions, with more added value and adapted to the needs of the client.

In order to do so, besides our in-house work, at Precon we take active part in research groups, in collaboration with other companies and public bodies; up to this date, we have taken part in more than 6 projects co-financed with public funds public funds includig FEDER funds. CDTI: BITUVIA, PANOLSTON, CANALETAS, TUBHORPOL and ECOTRAV. Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MEC): DINATRANS

We also cooperate with different working groups interested in precast solutions, within the Structural Concrete scientific and technical association (ACHE) or collaborating with universities.

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