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toll-less motorway Cullera-Favara

Bridge of 42 isostatic spans of variable width between 12.20 to 24.20 cm with beam lengths of 27 m. The typical typology is 12.20 m width, with 2 U-beams of 1.30 m edge, 6 m of center distance and variable cantilever.

To be highlighted:

  • On a track a variable addition on the upper wing of the beams adapted to the cant of each section of the structure, easing the adjustment of the platform of the bridge to be adjusted to the layout.
  • Fewer number of precast elements as the reinforced slabs are of the same size of the base of the bridge. This condition simplifies the reinforcement of the slap as part of the reinforcement is included in the precast element and it continues across the base of the bridge.
  • Cantilever slabs are self-supporting and include anchorages for provisional rails during the execution of the slab, side shutters and auxiliary anchorages for the metal sheathing of the impost.
  • The reordering of floor slabs is adapted to the curved outline of the bridges.
Work N-332, Section II (Diversion from Cullera to Favara, Bridge V-23)
Building company DRAGADOS
Administration. Directorate General of Roads, Ministry of Development
Products 4,650 m of U-beam and 27,342 m2 of reinforced slab with composite lattice.