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AVE  Madrid-Getafe

Bridge of 429 m long, composed of three hyper static spans with U-beam edges of 2m, an intermediate section projected in pergola of 160 m long, with 34 double T beams of 2.05 m edges and a final section of 181 m in 7 spans, the first being hyper static with U-beam edges of 2.5 m and the rest in isostatic solution with U-beam edges of 2m.

To be highlighted:

  • The combination of typologies is adapted to the complex road structure of the area with crossings in the Embajadores street and railways lines C-3 and C-4 and the boxing between toll-free motorway A-4 and the High Speed Lines Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Sevilla.
  • The intermediate pergola section solves the crossing diverted over the railway lines which prevented the location of intermediate pillars opting for placing the alignments of parallels supports to the high speed tracks and the A-4 respectively.
  • Speed in execution and minimal disruption in train traffic.
Work Platform for the enlargement from two to four tracks the High Speed lines between Madrid (Atocha) and Torrejón de Velasco. Section C/Pedro Bosch (Madrid) – Getafe. Santa Catalina’s Bridge
Building company ALDESA
Administration. ADIF (Administration of train infrastructures)
Products 595 m of U-beam, 930 m of double T beam, 3,135 m2 of prestressed floor slap and 3,390 m2 of reinforced floor slab with lattice girder