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La Robla

Rectangular concrete canal, inner size 4x2.5m and approximate length 1,900 m, 1,800 in open section that it is solved with 2 precast boxes of 2.75 m high inbuilt in a slab in situ 25 cm thick.

The boxes are manufactured in sizes of 10.20 m and 5.10 m adapted to the straight and curved sections.

To be highlighted:

  • Speedy execution and implementation. The length of modules maximizes the reduction of the assembling time and reducing the number of pieces to have.
  • The organization of advance and the fact the boxes act as side formwork of the slab permitting the concreting of it is carried out consecutively to the assemblage of the elevations.
  • The quality and high compactness of precast concrete jointed to an efficient solution of the joints guarantees high water proofing.
  • The tongue-and-groove joint in the side of the panels permits the turn of panels during assemblage for a perfect alignment to the layout keeping the waterproofing of the joint.
Work Canal for the Molino de Puente Alba hydropower plant, La Robla (León)
Building company COPISA
Administration. Directorate of Renewable energies - Hydroelectric, sea energy and Geotechnics Department (Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce)
Products 9,900 m² of precast panels