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toll-less motorway Pamplona-Logroño

Flyovers, underpasses and bridges, all with the same monobeam typology and variable width, bridge floor width between 7 and 11.50 m, beams length of up to 31 m and pile heights of up to 15 m.

To be highlighted:

  • The beams are mounted with the required cant and longitudinal slope, easing the adjustment of the board to the outline.
  • The fewer amount of elements, lines and shadows make this typology to be deemed better aesthetically than the double T or U.
  • The permit lodging facilities inside them, when requested by the client.
  • The aesthetic value continues between the beam and the pile by providing a soft transition in width.
  • The piles include a reduction that reminds a pilgrim shell
  • Cantilever slabs are self-supporting and include anchorages for provisional rails during the execution of the slab, side shutters and auxiliary anchorages for the metal sheathing of the impost.
  • Part of the slab reinforcement is lodged in the floor slab itself, which has a structural function.
  • The reordering of floor slabs is adapted to the curved outline of the bridges.
Work Toll-less motorway A-12 Pamplona-Logroño
Building company UTE Autovía del camino (FCC, NEC, CAN)
Administration. Department of public works, transports and communications, Government of Navarra
Products 2,700 m of box beam (monobeam), 26,200 m2 of reinforced floor plate with composite lattice girder with variable edge, 62 palm-tree piles, besides several U-type beam structures and double T with piles and lintels.