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Motorway AP-6

Three bridges with separate carriageways of 19 m wide, executed in phases for its early operation, with a carriageway 10 m wide in each direction. Class of exposition IV+F.

  1. Arenales bridge, left carriageway: distribution of lights 5x36 m + 3x44 m + 1x36 m
  2. Arenales bridge, right carriageway: distribution of lights 8x44 m
  3. Sotillo bridge: distribution of lights 1x40 + 2x44 m + 1x36 m + 1x40 m
  4. Lavadero bridge: distribution of lights 3x44 m

To be highlighted:

  • Section type of beam specifically designed for this project, edge 225 cm and upper wing 150 cm, lighter than that contemplated originally which permits the client the use of lighter means in the assemblage.
  • Planning of manufacturing adapted to the needs of supply for the night assemblage with girder launcher and mobile cranes, depending on structure and/or phase.
  • Design of a specific dosage of concrete for the project, adapted to the requirements of the property additional to those normative ones.
  • An experimental heating system for the slap to control frosting was included in the Sotillo Bridge.
Work AToll motorway AP-6, section San Rafael-Villacastín (Segovia)
Administration. Directorate General of Roads, Ministry of Development
Concession holder Iberpistas, S.A.
Products 9,603 m of Double T beam and 13,960 m2 of prestressed and reinforced floor slab.