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Mercabarna carpark

Carpark above the ground level of four floors with an area of 80x32 m. The building solution adopted is the modality with porticoes at 7.80x10 m and 7.80x12m between central pillars. Precast ramps are provided for accessing floors and also two sets of stairs also precast.

It is formed by pillars, girders and alveolar slabs of precast concrete with compression layer of 5 cm wide in each concrete slab in situ. The alveolar plate of side spans is 25 cm wide + compression layer of 5 cm, while the central span is 30 cm + compression layer of 5 cm. The girders are inverted T hanging 20 cm in all its floors.

To be highlighted:

  • Optimization of space to hold the maximum number of carpark slots.
  • High endurance concrete
Work Mercabarna carpark
Location Calle Mayor de Mercabarna
Building Vias y CNEs
Owner Mercado de Abastecimientos de Barcelona
Surface 10.300 m2
Number of floors Three floors and roof
Execution term 3 and a half months since ending the project
Engineering IDP