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Taking care of our little world

At PRECON we want the future generations to continue enjoying our extraordinary planet as much as or even more than it is enjoyed today. Therefore, we focus our policies in minimizing the intrinsic negative impacts of our activity and to promote the developments having a positive effect on the people and the planet.

Our products have a positive influence on Environmental and Energetic Aspects, given that:

  • Concrete prefabricated elements provide thermic inertia to buildings, and for that reason they improve energy saving in conditioning setting off to a great extent the CO2 emissions that are necessary to manufacture the concrete elements, which produces a net saving of CO2 emissions throughout the service life of the building.
  • Our experience in the different productive processes, and in the making of high performing concrete, and jointly with the technology available in our productive plants, allows us to optimize the sections of all the designed pieces. In this manner, we promote a rational use of natural resources and we minimize its effects on the environment.

Human capital

At PRECON, the people are the central core of our actions. Therefore, we listen to the concerns and wishes of our workers, because it is an indispensable practice to join their objectives with the Company’s.

We identify and promote talent as PRECON’s priority element, because we believe it is the lever allowing us to achieve excellence, and because of that, its management is prioritized based on objective and consistent criteria.

PRECON employs an average of 500 people operating in 10 work centers in Spain and we have collaborators from 10 different nationalities who enrich our Company. To them we add our vocation to form and promote young students who want to know the corporate world and to complete their training by continuously employing interns in the Company.

Within our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, we collaborate with special centers of employment to provide services, giving preference to associations focusing their effort on the social integration of persons having a disability favouring social and labour inclusion. With the same criterion, we have prepared a donations programme and other collaborations with non-profit organisations and foundations.


Materials catalogued as hazardous have not been used during the manufacturing of our products. After reaching the end of their useful life, they are considered as non-hazardous residues that can be reused or recycled. We recommend grinding and separation for their recycling, according to the base materials (concrete, steel and plastic) for later processing the factions with some value and the removal to an authorised dump of the residues that have no value.

The three main pillars of our environmental policy are:

  1. To minimize the needs of natural resources in our structural solutions.
  2. To develop productive processes with the least energy needs.
  3. To maximize the valorization of the little waste we generate.

Prevention of risks at work

At PRECON we strive everyday to be able to work in a safe and healthy environment. We give priority to a preventive culture with training and participation in all the organisation.  We constantly improve the facilities and processes to achieve a high level of safety and health in all jobs to decrease the accident levels year after year until the goal of ZERO ACCIDENTS is met.